Practical verification.


Verifigen's owner Ran Keren is in the EDA and verification domain since 1997. Ran is an expert in providing verification solutions including verification environment construction and infrastructure work (e.g. scripts, vManager, and model macros). Ran has provided consulting and team ramp-up solutions to various companies including Intel, HP, Passave, Zoran, TeraChip, Envara, AMCC, Seabridge, IDF-MOD, Accent Italy, Globspan Paris (Ethernet), Oplus, Texas Instruments, Asocs, and Marvell Semiconductor.

Verifigen was founded in 2006.

Prior to Verifigen, Ran held an EDA research and development and a customer consulting positions in Verisity since 1997, and an engineer position in an Israeli Air Force software development unit beforehand, where he developed software for the central computer of the F15 fighter aircraft, and revolutionized the unit development infrastructure by inventing an emulator to support a team of 20 developers. Ran holds a BA degree in Physics and Computer Science from Tel Aviv University, and completed advanced (MA) coursework in computer science at the Open University.

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