Practical verification.


Founded in 2006, Verifigen is a consultant firm specializing in verification solutions for the semiconductors industry. We have extensive experience in advanced verification methodologies. Our premium service package includes outsource, training and team ramp-up.

Ran Keren, Verifigen's owner, has provided functional verification consulting services for various semiconductor corporations including Intel, HP, AMCC, and Texas Instruments. Functional verification is the critical task of verifying that the logic design conforms to specification. It is a key task for any hardware project, due to the high cost of chip production. However, verification is very difficult because of the sheer volume of possible test cases, and typically takes the most time. Verifigen projects have included utilizing high end verification programming languages such as Specman (e) to various hardware projects including wifi mac (802.11n), SOC, traffic manager and other networking designs.

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